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July 30, 2007


Dan Bones

That is so exciting to hear! I saw the special on Sean Sherk's training on spike tv recently. It reminded me of the old days when we used to hook up a harness to my jeep and take turns pulling it around the block...Ah yes the good old days might be here again...mind cant wait but body is hiding under the bed.

I will be very excited to hear the details about the new programs.

Mr. Kviz was the force behind the recent work project...it was on my mind to try it...but he is the one with the courage to step up and get it done. I followed his orders and example and I am very happy that you are satisfied with the efforts of all who helped. The process for me was worth ten times the time I put in. If anyone wants to know what I mean by that just ask.

Also, I want to say how much I appreciate the effort and commitment of Mr. Lopez and Mr. Pietro...we are so blessed to have great teachers.

Luke Morris

That sounds awesome! I'm really excited about the seminar and the new training programs. Please let the leadership team know what we can do to help get this stuff implemented.

dan bones

Me too! Excellent suggestion Luke. What can we do to help? The more I think about "new" programs and MMAA influenced conditioning the more excited I get. I will say that I think this will be a real challenge physically. I am certain though that we will be able to rely on our instructors and classmates for the support we need to take it to another level.

clyde smith

Dion new victory page is great and thanks for all the great trainning. I got a chance to do some tire flipping its crazy and awesome. A challenge for anyone who wants to run some stairs 125 uphill at forrest preserve in Palos Hill shoals. Also let me know when greg nelson is coming and keep up the great work.

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